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def pysqlitedb::PYSQLiteDB::get_pinyin_table (   self  ) 

get pinyin table

Definition at line 220 of file pysqlitedb.py.

00220                                :
        """get pinyin table"""
            return self._pinyin_table

        sql = "SELECT phrase, y0, s0 FROM py_phrase WHERE ylen = 1"

        pinyin_table = {}
        result = self.db.execute (sql % i)
        for phrase, y0, s0 in result:
            if phrase not in pinyin_table:
                pinyin_table [phrase] = []
            pinyin_table [phrase].append ((y0, s0))
        self._pinyin_table = pinyin_table

        return pinyin_table

    def select_words_by_pinyin_list (self, pys, mohu = False):

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